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How many cups of juice can each Q-Orange Vending Machine produce if fully loaded?

Approximately 80 cups of orange juice for OR130 model and approximately 60 cups for Take Away Model

Where can Q-Orange¡¯s Vending Machine be placed?

As the machine can be left unattended 24/7 and is fully automatic, it can be placed in a variety of places such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals, cinemas, business buildings, etc. However, it is preferable that the machine is placed indoor.

Can I buy Q-Orange¡¯s Vending Machine?

Yes, our vending machine can be purchased.

Can a person without and experience in catering apply to be a franchisee?

Yes. Experience in catering is not a requirement to apply. However, we will give priority to applicants with experience in chain franchising, catering and retail. Applicants should also preferably be good in management and operations.

Are there any requirements for applicants such as age, gender or registered address?

We do not have any requirements regarding an applicant¡¯s age and gender. However, applicant¡¯s health needs to be able to handle high-intensity work. We do not require applicants to have a registered address locally but we will give priority to applicants permanently living locally and have local resources.

Can I cooperate with others as partners to apply to be a franchisee?

Yes, definitely. However, a primary applicant needs to be determined and all applicants will be assessed.

It is mandatory to be running this business on a full time basis?

No, this business can be run on a part time basis. However, it is necessary to devote appropriate amount of time and effort to the operations.

What is the return of investment for franchisee?
Return of investment differs depending on the location and needs to be forecast independently. We do hope that you will receive reasonable gains from this investment.

Can I purchases the cups, oranges and other materials on my own?
Unfortunately, we are unable to allow franchisees to purchase such materials. As the quality of oranges and cups are uniformed across every Q-Orange¡¯s vending machine, these materials are to be supplied only by us.

Are the sources for fresh oranges guaranteed?
Yes. We import our oranges from various countries, as well as have various wholesalers to ensure a continuous supply of fresh oranges all year around.

Can I adjust the pricing on my own?
Unfortunately, pricing is determined by us and it is uniformed across all of Q-Orange¡¯s Vending Machine. However, promotional efforts such as discounted pricing or sending of incentives can be requested to us and is subjected to approval.

Is this franchising contract renewable upon the expiry of the franchising term?
Renewal of contract is dependent on the review of franchisee.




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