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Q-ORANGE¡¯s freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine adopts several advanced technologies, such as the juice-peel separation technology, weighing measurement technology and so on, with them being the ¡°best tricks¡± for Q-ORANGE to lead the industry. With this, Q-ORANGE not only achieves advanced technology and stable operation, but also effectively satisfies a variety of rigorous sanitary standards. Thus, providing safe, healthy, pure and delicious freshly squeezed orange juice for consumers.



?Q-ORANGE uses selected high quality fresh oranges from around the globe, grown in pollution-free orchards with scenic surroundings. Bathed in good amount of sunshine and rain with fresh air to take in, the oranges are able to ripe naturally without any ripening agents. The fertile soil provides sufficient organic fertilizer and natural farmyard manure through the tree roots for each orange.



Q-ORANGE¡¯s vending machine has simple operations and requires little care or attention due to its fully automated system, all that is left for you to do is collect the money in the notes and coins box on a regular basis. There is no need for any special professional knowledge to operate this machine and little effort is needed for you to become the boss of this business. With a fool-proof mode of operation, you will be able to master it quickly allowing you to be at the pinnacle of wealth.

In order to ensure that each set of Q-ORANGE freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine runs smoothly, as well as to ensure quality juice, Q-ORANGE is equipped with an entire team dedicated to the operations of our vending machine. In addition to the strong management team and investment team, team also consist of cleaning staff, on-site maintenance personnel, and equipment care personnel. Each team member goes through strict training before being certified as qualified.



?Through 3G network, each Q-ORANGE vending machine have high-speed access to the ¡°Q-ORANGE IoT¡± system, making real-time access to equipment failures, warning alarms, regular data and sales information of the machine possible. Through the REMOTE system, it is easy for administrators to monitor and download these data readily.



Q-ORANGE supports mobile phone management system. Through mobile phone management systems, administrators can immediately receive real-time equipment failures alarms sent by the vending machine at any time. Additionally, they can also check on the status of the machine (such as estimated quantity of oranges left, etc), as well as the sales records from the machine. It also allows administrators to query historical data according to dates and check the statistical reports from there. This system allows for hierarchical management where different accounts and passwords can control the authority of each administrator. As such, each administrator can only access the data relevant to the vending machine under their account and have no access to other vending machines that are beyond his authority.


Q-ORANGE¡¯s freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine is fully automatic and can be left unattended for 24/7. Thus, all types of locations are suitable for this machine to be placed at, such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, office buildings, shopping malls, gyms, supermarket, tourist attractions, etc

.As Singapore is a large international tourist city, there is a demand for fresh, nutritional and rich in vitamin C orange juice. This allows Q-ORANGE¡¯s freshly squeeze orange juice vending machine to gain popularity rapidly through the demand. As this concept of vending machine is still new to the industry in Singapore, the market demand and lack of suppliers will bring endless opportunities in this business. The innovation of Q-ORANGE freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine will lead a revolution change to automated vending machine selling fresh drinks.



Known as an automated mini supermarket that runs all day long 24/7, vending machines are often used for selling various goods and commodities in most developed countries.

Appearing for the first time in 1888 as the ¡°coin operated chewing gum vending machine¡±, the machine has developed for 130 years. They have achieve tremendous development in countries such as Japan, Europe and America since the 1970s. With time, vending machines gradually became a mainstream way of sales and consumption.

Based on statistics of the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers¡¯ Association, there has been 5,035,300 different vending machines across Japan by the late 2014, meaning that with every 30 people, there is 1 vending machine.

Over the past few years, many Chinese businessmen have discovered the potential prospects of this industry and thus the emergence of beverage sales based on this concept, attracting more and more investors to join this industry.

Q-ORANGE¡¯s freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine has an incomparable advantage as compared to other traditional businesses, allowing it to be a more attractive investment for investors interested in small and medium-sized projects. It is also the preferred choice for salaried workers to start up their own small leisure business on top of their full time job.



Strong Support System


Strong Support System
Comprehensive Training Courses
¡ïThe 1st fully intelligent fresh juice vendor based on internet and IOT concept
¡ïVending machine operations training
¡ïAchieve positive word of mouth through brand new, fresh and innovative consumption patterns
¡ïSustainable operation and management training
Unified Procurement and Distribution
Leading R&D and Production Support
¡ïCareful selection of fresh oranges
¡ïConstant upgrading on software and hardware technologies for the vending machine
¡ïStrict food safety control system
¡ïRapid repair and accessory replacement
¡ïR&D derived from fresh orange products
First-class Operational and Management Support
Healthy Franchising System
¡ï Improved operational management system
¡ïPerfect franchising policies and procedures
¡ïWell-trained operations team
¡ïGood relationship among franchiser and franchisee
¡ïIntelligent software for remote management
¡ïProfessional team for franchising management
PR Support
Great Marketing Plan and Publicity
¡ïProvide professional PR consultation services 
¡ïNational media advertising support
¡ïAssist in handling crises
¡ïDiversified corporate activities for planning support
Financial System Support
¡ïProfessional financial management consulting




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