Success comes from focus

Singapore Golden Orange Group Pte. Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated in the field of fully intelligent freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine. We promote the convenient and healthy way of life and consumption, and always focus on the product quality and user experience. We are devoted in becoming the world’s first-class intelligent self-service dealing platform vendor.


Convenience comes from innovation

In 2015, we launched the strategy of fully automatic production, disinfection, payment and cashiering, voice feedback system, and interactive image features. Thus, leading the offline automatic vending, convenient electronic payment, Internet of Things (IoT) concept, mobile internet and many other systems. We have also realized a fully automatic intelligent vending system with the latest technology through the expansion and integration of IoT and Internet, providing an unique consumption experience for the consumers, opening a new era of consumering oranges.


Health comes from technology

The Q-Orange project innovated and developed by our company is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Through the low carbon emissions, advanced technical means, multiple disinfection process, the fresh orange supply and 24-hours network management of the vending machine, it has accomplished full automation, convenience, visible juicing process, providing healthy and delicious fresh orange juice, with natural flavour and no additives to our consumers. Q-orange’s “freshly squeezed orange juice” approach not only redefines the concept of fresh orange juice, but also creates an innovative combination of traditional agricultural and modern technology, representing the development direction of modern technology agriculture.

Singapore Golden Orange Group Pte.,Ltd. Not only targets its Q-ORANGE project at the Singapore market, but also extends it to the vast foreign markets, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, India and other areas, by launching the Q-ORANGE fully intelligent freshly squeezed orange juice automatic vending machines based on IOT and Internet in these areas.







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